Funke Akindele Is Finally Pregnant – All You Need To Know [With Pictures & Juicy Details]


Recently married Nollywood star, Funke Akindele Bello, is already expecting a child for her singer husband, JJC Skillz, a very close source to her husband has squealed to Gossip9aija.

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“Of course you know I won’t want you to mention my name as the amebo (tale bearer) but it is true that she is carrying my guy’s baby already. I’m very sure of it,” our source confirmed this afternoon.

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The actress had got many guessing when she recently urged her fans on Facebook to pray for her safe delivery this year. Though, her post is subject to different interpretations, with many of her fans bombarding her timeline with well wishes and prayers, GOSSIP9AIJA immediately suspected that she was already pregnant.

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  1. U wil deliver safe and sound, as u make people api u wil also b api, d child wil not jst b an ordinary child but a prosperous and blessed child……wish u save delivery in advance

  2. Congratulations my dear Jenifa, only God knows how excited i am to hear such joyous news! You will deliver this child safely and you both will stay together in love, peace, joy and happiness…can’t wait to hear your safe and sound delivery my dear sister!

  3. Comment:waoo,my swt sulia,Am very exited,my God will deliver u safely,wit 3 bouncing boys d God of E.A ADEBOYE wil suprise u and ur househood injn.AMEN

  4. My lovely janifer l’m so happy for you. See nothing to worry about, I want you to know that the Lord that have started this will never leave you alone for a second. Just keep on praying. May you deliver save and sound in jesus name (Amen). I wish you all the goods in life…………….. Love you from the bottom of my heart ?????????????

  5. End time journalist. This story lacks content and not quite different from what we already know. I call this quack practice. Please let’s be more practical and do away with insinuation and speculation stories.

  6. Comment:By d authority of d word of god bestowed upon me, u shall use ur hand to carry d baby.. even twins, quadlets, hi ewe shen jabo Lara Igi tio Mi igi Lara u won’t pain nd sorrow…

  7. Comment:Mrs funke i have always prayed for you, only God knows how happy i am right now, your child will be great, i have always loved you after watching Jenifas Diary, though am not much of a type to you but i will always be a fan of yours, congrates to my mentor

  8. by the powerful that let David to deliver from his enemies we deliver your baby from your womb successfully in Jesus name and we shall all rejoice with you together AMEN…… you are my best from the best SO SHALL IT BE FOR YOU in JESUS name i pray……………

  9. i wish u safe delivery and congratulation as we hear the pregnant so shall it be when we hear the sound of the baby i mean the bouncing baby BOYS TWINS in JESUS name AMEN

  10. congratulation, am so happy for you, may the good God see you throughout the period of your pregnancy, and a peacefull and sound delivery, just make sure you are a prayerful person, God bless you and on coming baby, love u……..

  11. I wonder where dat fake pastor is by now. I think all he wanted was for her to run out of her second marriage to come and marry him cos he declared dat it’s only a strong man od God can marry and break the prophesy. Congrats jare my favourite. The God almighty will protect and see u tru, the thought and deed of evil ones will never preval. Amen

  12. Here! Oga o. Where is dat pastor that God did not sent message that is deliver. God is more than you, me or anybody. Congrat my dearest favourite artist Almighty Allah would deliver you savely.

  13. Congratulations to u my favourite actress Jennifer kan.. may Almighty Allah see u tru.. wish u safe delivery Insha Allah it’s gonna be easy for u.

  14. Comment:Haleluia!!!!….Its permanent in d name of jesus…Enjoy ur marriage…Its ur heritage.!
    Congrts dearie.
    Hapi 4 u.

  15. Comment:God is great! Am very happy for you sis. BelloFunkeAkindele. Wish you save delivery Insha Allahu…… Much of love for uuuu

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